Specializing in the Management of Preferred and Hybrid Securities


About Us

Stonebridge Advisors LLC (Stonebridge) is a registered investment adviser based in Wilton, CT that specializes in the management of preferred and hybrid securities.  The Stonebridge investment philosophy is rooted in our commitment to our clients. We add value though constantly monitoring changing risks from both a top-down macroeconomic perspective and a bottom-up credit perspective, striving to protect our investors’ principal.  We utilize a dynamic investment process focused on credit analysis, relative value analysis and technical analysis, and invest in the securities of companies that we believe have sound business fundamentals with stable to improving credit quality.  Adhering to our conservative and disciplined principles has resulted in consistent and superior investment returns for our clients.


Stonebridge is a niche investment management firm that provides highly specialized expertise in the management of Preferred and Hybrid Securities for institutional investors and high net worth individuals. 

The firm was created by Stonebridge Asset Management, LLC and First Trust Portfolios L.P., a registered broker/dealer with approximately 700 employees. First Trust Portfolios provides Stonebridge Advisors with a wide range of foundational structure and support. At the discretion of Stonebridge Advisors, the following resources are available from First Trust: specialists in compliance and legal issues, information technology, human resources, business accounting, financial analysis, financial business development, and sales and marketing. 

This joint venture enables the management of Stonebridge Advisors to deliver focused and personalized investment management services to its clients through its highly qualified staff, while offering the full benefits afforded by the strength and depth of First Trust’s resources.