Specializing in the Management of Preferred and Hybrid Securities

Investment Team

Investment Team

Stonebridge utilizes a team approach to portfolio management.  The investment team has an average of over 15 years of investment experience that dates back to 1984. Together, the team strategically reviews securities for consideration in client portfolio holdings. The team constantly evaluates ever-changing market conditions and has in-depth discussions about adjustments to investment strategies, implementing changes when warranted.  Stonebridge's team approach to investment management assures that all areas affecting portfolio performance are skillfully addressed and coordinated in order to obtain the best possible performance.

Scott Fleming

Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer

As Founder, President and CEO, Scott Fleming sets the strategic direction of Stonebridge including operations, business and product development, and marketing strategies.  Mr. Fleming oversees the Investment Committee, as well as investment policies and strategies for all of the company’s portfolio management activities. 

Prior to founding Stonebridge in 2004, Mr. Fleming co-founded Spectrum Asset Management, Inc., an investment advisor that specializes in preferred securities asset management for institutional clients and mutual funds.  During his 13-year tenure there, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer.  Under his leadership, Spectrum grew to be the largest preferred securities manager in the country.  Mr. Fleming previously served as Vice President, Portfolio Manager for DBL Preferred Management, Inc. in New York City.  Mr. Fleming received a B.S. in Accounting from Bentley University in Waltham, MA and his MBA in Finance from Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

Robert Wolf

Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

Robert Wolf is Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Stonebridge Advisors.  Mr. Wolf is a senior leader of the investment committee and oversees investment policies and strategies for portfolio management activities across all fund products and separately managed accounts.  In addition, Mr. Wolf directs the daily management of preferred securities portfolios and trading functions. Mr. Wolf has over eighteen years of fixed-income experience in both portfolio management and credit research.

Prior to joining Stonebridge in 2006, Mr. Wolf was a high-yield fixed-income research analyst at Lehman Brothers.  In this role, his responsibilities included detailed credit analysis across multiple sectors, relative value analysis, and developing trade recommendations.  Mr. Wolf previously worked for Lehman Brothers’ commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) trading desk as a credit analyst.  Mr. Wolf received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Villanova University and his MBA in Finance from the New York University Stern School of Business.

Eric Weaver

Senior Vice President, Chief Strategist

Eric Weaver is Senior Vice President and Chief Strategist of Stonebridge Advisors.  Mr. Weaver is a senior member of Stonebridge Advisors’ Investment Committee and oversees the investment strategy across all fund products and separately managed accounts.  In addition, Mr. Weaver leads the development of proprietary portfolio management, security selection, trading, and operational tools.  Mr. Weaver has over ten years of investment management experience in portfolio management, trading, risks analysis, and research.

Prior to joining Stonebridge in 2013, Mr. Weaver worked at a private proprietary trading firm as a senior derivatives trader, with OTC and electronic trading experience on the NASDAQ OMX PHLX and CBOE options exchanges.  In this role, Mr. Weaver focused on trading, portfolio and risk management, and pricing complex derivatives in a large and diverse portfolio of equities, options, and futures.  Mr. Weaver received a B.A. degree in Economics and Mathematics and a MS degree in Economics from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Angelo Graci is Vice President and Head of Credit Research of Stonebridge Advisors.  Mr. Graci is a senior member of the Investment Committee and manages a team of analysts that oversees all of Stonebridge’s portfolio investments.  Mr. Graci has over 20 years of credit and equity research experience with a focus on financials.  His extensive knowledge of global banking, insurance, non-bank finance and REITs brings an impressive level of analytical depth to the Stonebridge research team.

Prior to joining Stonebridge in 2018, Mr. Graci was a global financials credit strategist at Stifel Financial, with a particular focus on hybrid/preferred strategy.  At Stifel, he incorporated a multi-asset and cross-currency approach to analyzing global financials, which encompassed global banking systems (developed and emerging markets), insurance, non-bank finance and REITs.  Before Stifel, he was a senior analyst at Caxton Associates, responsible for financial sector credit and equity analysis and portfolio management.  Prior roles included global financials and hybrid strategy at Citadel Securities and credit analysis and trading at Merrill Lynch.  Mr. Graci received a BS in Finance from SUNY Albany and an MBA in Finance from New York University. He holds the CFA® designation awarded by CFA Institute.

Angelo Graci, CFA

Vice President, Head of Credit Research

Allen Shepard, PhD.

Vice President, Senior Risk and Portfolio Analyst

Allen Shepard is a member of Stonebridge Advisors’ Investment Committee and is responsible for measuring and monitoring risk across the firm’s separately managed account and fund products.  Dr. Shepard developed proprietary hedging, duration and option-adjusted spread (OAS) models for use in managing preferred and fixed-income securities.

Prior to joining Stonebridge in 2005, Dr. Shepard held positions as a Gibbs Instructor in the Mathematics Department at Yale University and as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Allegheny College.  Dr. Shepard brings a strong academic background to Stonebridge’s analytical team. He received a B.A. in Mathematics from Hampshire College in 1980 and a PhD in Mathematics from Brown University in 1985, specializing in the field of algebraic topology.  His subsequent research has been in mathematical economics. Dr. Shepard collaborated with research economists to develop a new mathematical framework for modeling the substitution effect in the Consumer Price Index.  In addition, Dr. Shepard partnered with economic colleagues to develop models of modern manufacturing paradigms. In order to expand his background in applied mathematical disciplines, Dr. Shepard returned to graduate school during 1995-1997, first in the Economics Department at MIT and then in the PhD program in Economics at Boston University. 

Connor Fleming, CFA, CIPM

Senior Analyst

Connor Fleming is an analyst on the research team at Stonebridge Advisors.  Mr. Fleming primarily covers domestic and international banks and the energy sector, while providing back-up coverage on all other industries.  In addition to credit, Mr. Fleming supports the portfolio management process through analysis on the impact of regulatory and legal changes, relative value and trading.  Mr. Fleming has over six years of research, trading, investment and compliance experience.

Prior to working as an analyst, Mr. Fleming was a trader of retail preferred securities at Stonebridge responsible for trading and managing fund flows in separately managed accounts.  Before joining Stonebridge in 2014, Mr. Fleming was a Financial Data Analyst at Financial Tracking Technologies LLC, a company that provides compliance oversight solutions to the financial services industry.  Mr. Fleming received his B.S. in Accounting from Fairfield University in 2012, and holds the CFA® and CIPM® designations, both awarded by CFA Institute.

Ester Lau, CFA


Ester Lau joined Stonebridge Advisors in 2018 as an analyst on the research team.  Ms. Lau is responsible for both primary and backup coverage of companies in the insurance, utilities, REITs, technology and banking sectors.  Ms. Lau also assists portfolio managers through analyzing the impact of legislative and regulatory developments. Ms. Lau brings three years of experience to Stonebridge in credit analysis and research.

Prior to joining Stonebridge in 2018, Ms. Lau was a credit analyst at S&P Global Ratings, where she provided credit analysis and research support in the insurance, not-for-profit healthcare, and technology sectors.  Ms. Lau received her B.B.A in Finance and Economics from George Washington University in 2015, and holds the CFA® designation, awarded by CFA Institute.

Jeff Vinca

Senior Trader

Jeff Vinca joined Stonebridge Advisors in 2015 and is responsible for trading for all SMA and UMA clients, as well as managing investment of new accounts and rebalancing fund flows for all SMA portfolios.  Mr. Vinca has over fourteen years of experience on the buy-side, including both trading and operations. 

Prior to joining Stonebridge in 2015, Mr. Vinca worked as a Trader at Newgate Capital where he was responsible for trade execution and asset allocation for the firm’s institutional, retail, wrap fee and UMA accounts in strategies that included Emerging Markets, Total Return Income, Global Resources and Municipal Closed End Funds.  Before Newgate, Mr. Vinca worked as a Trade Operations Analyst for Empire Capital, a long/short hedge fund, where he managed all pre- and post-trade activity, as well as various projects for management and research.  Prior to Empire, Mr. Vinca worked as a trade support/static data specialist for Legg Mason. Mr. Vinca received a B.S in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Marie-Belle Mikue

Analyst and Trader

Marie-Belle Mikue joined Stonebridge in 2015 and serves as an Analyst and Trader on the Investment Team.  Ms. Mikue is responsible for SMA and UMA trading, managing investment of new accounts, as well as assisting with risk management functions for the mutual funds and ETFs.  Additionally, Ms. Mikue assists in researching market trends/themes. 

Prior to joining Stonebridge, Ms. Mikue was a Data Quality Control Analyst at Private Client Resources, LLC.  The job involved profiling data, determining trends and patterns, and drawing conclusions in order to provide recommendations on quality improvements.  Ms. Mikue received a B.S. in Business Economics and also in Finance from Jack Welch College of Business, Sacred Heart University in 2013.